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Life Coaching

Let your intuition be your guide

Navigating life without a compass is hard. Christine is an experienced educator and coach who helps clients navigate life by getting in touch with their inner wisdom and intuition. She combines her background in psychology and teaching with somatic coaching and energy work to help clients understand and use their inner compass to feel more comfortable with themselves and their paths in life. 


In her coaching practice, Christine uses tools such as somatic awareness, metaphor work, dream analysis, thought work, and asking powerful questions to shed light on limiting beliefs and patterns that can sap joy from life and leave people feeling stuck, dissatisfied with life, or unable to move forward.  These tools and strategies enable clients to get in touch with their essential true selves while loosening the ties of societal and cultural expectations that can hold them back. She believes that everyone has inner wisdom that can guide them towards thriving in life.


Whether clients are feeling stuck, overwhelmed by life's choices, wanting to make a change in life or work or school, or dissatisfied with one or more areas of their life, the answer comes from each individual and is unique to each client and their purpose. Coaching can help clients learn to trust themselves and tune into their inner compass to learn what is right for them. 

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy."

Frederick Nietzsche




InnerGifts Coaching and Healing Arts

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