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Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that creates relaxation a sense of calm to promote healing in the body and mind. It is traditionally delivered through gentle touch, but is also very effective when done remotely.  Studies have shown that it can reduce stress, help with tissue repair, relieve tension, and help your body's natural healing mechanisms engage and work more effectively. Practitioners serve as a conduit between a client and the universal life force energy and use their hands to channel that energy in and through the clients energy centers, or chakras, to remove energy blocks.

Christine is a certified Level 2 Reiki practitioner with training in working with remote clients. Sessions are done remotely and only require that the client find a time and space to lie comfortable to receive the energy work.  It can feel like a deep sense of peace or relaxation and occasionally tingling or warmth. Everyone's experience is different. 

Reiki can be combined with coaching services. More information about Reiki can be found on these sites: 

Cleveland Clinic Wellness.




Healing Touch for Animals is a form of energy work that is similar to Reiki.  It is hands-on therapy that helps animals' bodies heal by clearing their energy systems.  This allows the body to operate optimally to enhance a sense of well-being and promote natural healing. It has been shown to help with stress reduction, healing, chronic health issues, separation issues, focus in training, emotional disturbances, anxiety, comfort during and recovery from surgical procedures, and modifying behavior.  Most importantly, it can strengthen the human/animal bond. 


Christine is a Healing Touch for Animals practitioner with training in working with remote clients. Sessions are done remotely.

 In-person sessions are offered to local clients and virtual appointments can be made for clients not located near Wilmington, DE.  

For more in formation about Healing Touch for Animals

Healing Touch
for Animals




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