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*gifted, talented, creative, sensitive, high and multi-potential 

Look Beyond the Label

Learn to understand, appreciate, and use your gifts to create peace and joy in your life. Get in touch with your inner wisdom and your essential self to move through life, relationships, and work with a greater sense of purpose and ease.

The term 'gifted' can be controversial and confusing. What does it mean? Is it elitist? Doesn't everyone have gifts? For some people, there are traits that cluster together in specific ways, and these individuals are labeled ‘gifted’.  ​Gifted individuals can be sensitive, intense, driven, intelligent, and enjoy complexity but can also deal with issues that create angst and dissatisfaction with life.    


The gifted adult can be working with:

  • trying to fit in.

  • experiencing 'positive disintegration'- a moment of crisis where you have to go through an intense rebuilding of your life.

  • overexcitability.

  • imposter syndrome.

  • seeing infinite potential but not able to pick a path and stick with it.

  • finding a purpose or having too many passions.

  • functioning in a world where the rules don't seem to make sense.

  • a nagging sense of urgency.

  • full self-expression.

  • career dissatisfaction.

  • interpersonal relationships.

  • staying true to yourself.

  • perfectionism.

  • existential angst.

Gifted adults sometimes feel:​
  • bogged down in making everything just right.

  • like they are going in fast forward compared to the world.

  • like their brain functions differently.

  • like their gifts are a curse.

  • like something is wrong with them.

  • 'different' because they experience and sense things differently.

  • too intense, sensitive, or driven.

Christine's training and career, as well as her own gifted identification and time spend in a public school gifted program, make her well-suited to understand and guide gifted individuals. Through the process of coaching, clients can get to know and love their natural gifts, and examine how their gifts impact their lives. They learn to see that their gifts are their superpowers, not a curse, that can be used to enhance work, relationships, and life. 


Whether you have been identified as gifted, were or are in a gifted program, or just recognize yourself or someone you love in some of these characteristics, working with an empathetic coach who has been there and who understands can help you better understand yourself and those around you and live a more joyful life. The most important thing isn't the label. What matters is understanding and embracing the gifts you were born with and the social and emotional needs that go along with this label in order to make peace with your natural gifts and thrive. 

Coaching for Gifted* Adults

"Find out who you are and do it on purpose."

- Dolly Parton




InnerGifts Coaching and Healing Arts

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