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Coaching for your Practice or Small Business

Great ideas and not sure how or where to start? Feeling stuck when it comes to making changes or moving forward? Coaching help help you navigate the cycle of change to take you from where you are to where you want to be by helping you identify and work with sticking points and limiting beliefs and developing do-able steps.

Consulting and Coaching for Teaching and Presentations

Christine is an experienced presenter and educator with over twenty years experience creating and delivering carefully crafted, authentic, and entertaining presentations, professional development, and instruction. She offers coaching and consulting for alternative, holistic, and mental health practitioners who want to get their message to the masses.  Services include: developing copy and design for websites, developing presentations, and coaching on how to deliver effective instruction and professional development. 

Coaching for Alternative, Holistic, and Mental Health Practitioners and Coaches




InnerGifts Coaching and Healing Arts

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