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How Coaching Can Help

Learn more about what makes your child tick academically, socially, and emotionally, and explore how to get the most from homeschooling or general education and

gifted education programs in schools



It’s a myth that gifted students don’t need support or that their parents have it easy because their child is advanced.  In her practice, Christine helps parents who want to learn more about how to support their gifted child, whether or not they are in a gifted program.

Gifted students have special needs. They can be driven, intense, and love complexity. They are often high academic achievers, enjoying a rapid acquisition of knowledge and ability to outperform their peers. However, giftedness can bring other cognitive and social and emotional traits.  It's a common misconception that gifted students can sail through all aspects of school and life or that they will always be just fine.  Gifted, creative, and high- and multi-potential students have unique characteristics that can present unique challenges, including:

  • procrastination

  • perfectionism

  • underperforming

  • anxiety

  • trouble making friends

  • lack of follow through or focus

  • asynchronous development (thinking like an adult and coping like a child).

  • low confidence

  • getting stuck and not able to move forward

  • seeing infinite potential not knowing where to start


Gifted students need support and understanding in order to thrive. When your gifted child is not thriving or struggling to succeed with one or more areas of their life, it can be hard to know what to do and can bring up many emotions.


Christine is an experienced teacher of the gifted, academic coach for students and parents, and gifted program administrator with over twenty years working in public schools. She is also the product of a public school gifted education program, having been identified and placed in a gifted program starting in the first grade.  In her practice, she coaches parents who want to learn more about their child’s gifted characteristics and helps parents help their children with schoolwork, homework, study skills, relationships, time management, learning styles, and social and emotional affective skills. She works with clients to help them navigate school, understand the identification process and how programs support students, and know what to do if your child is not found eligible for a program or in a homeschool setting. She also helps parents navigate the feelings and thoughts that come up when they have a gifted child or are possibly also a gifted individual themselves. 

Look Beyond the Label

The term 'gifted' can be controversial and confusing. What does it mean? is it elitist? Doesn't everyone have gifts?  The truth is that everyone does have gifts. For some people, there are traits and elements of personality that cluster together in specific ways, and it is labeled ‘gifted’.  Gifted individuals can be sensitive, intense, driven, and enjoy complexity but can also deal with issues that create angst and a failure to thrive. The most important thing isn't the label. What matters is understanding and embracing the gifts you were born with and the social and emotional needs that go along with this label in order to make peace with your natural gifts and thrive.

"Each human being is bred with a unique set of potentials that yearn to be fulfilled as surely as the acorn yearns to become the oak within it."


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